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Questions addressed to the city administration

What should be done before installing the air conditioner? Before installing an air conditioner on the facade (roof) of an apartment building (this also applies to the installation of antennas), you should contact the “one window” service to obtain permission from the Zhodino City Executive Committee (in accordance with clause 3 of the Regulations on the conditions and procedure for installation on the roofs and facades of apartment buildings residential buildings, individual antennas and other structures).
Is it possible to rent an apartment built with a preferential loan under a lease agreement?It is possible, subject to obtaining permission from the district, city executive and administrative body or repayment of a soft loan. The conditions are determined by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated 06.01.2012 No. № 13 If the preferential loan is not repaid, it is necessary to obtain permission from the city executive committee. This permission can be obtained in exceptional cases (for example: moving to another area, divorce, death of the homeowner or a member of his family, financial situation, etc.).
If the soft loan is repaid, the apartment can be rented out under a rental agreement on a general basis.