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The network of cultural institutions of the town includes a centralized library system, a children’s art school, a children’s school of design, clubs, a park of culture and recuperation, the cinema Yunost, a subsidiary of the Borisov state museum –the Kupriyanova museum. In 1999, the town started developing a museum of local lore. There are private clubs Phoenix and Extra in Zhodino.

The major goal is to preserve and develop traditions of the Belarusian nation, amateur art, esthetic upbringing of a new generation and to implement socially-important programmes.

The cultural network embraces 67 clubs, of them 19 received the honourable status “national” and “exemplary”. All of them take an active part in oblast, national and international contests.

Zhodino Regional Natural History Museum.

1. Full title: Zhodino Regional Natural History Museum.
2.Museum address: 222160, Minsk region, city of Zhodino, Kupriyanov street, house number 15.
3.Phone: 8 (01775) 2-83-68, Fax: 8 (01775) 05/01/03 (Director), 8 (01775) 3-20-98 (Branch House-Museum of A. F. Kupriyanov).
E-mail: zhkm15@gmail.com

The Working group on the Establishment of Zhodino museum was formed in 1999. The first head of the Working Group was S.L.Zelenkevich. Starting from January 2001 a working group was led by G.I.Aniskevich and from September 2007 –A. Burakevich. Initially, the working group was composed of two experts.
By the decision of Zhodino City Executive Committee of June 24, 2008 Zhodino Regional Natural History Museum(hereafter ZhRNHM) was opened. In September 2008 the House-Museum of A. F. Kupriyanov became part of the museum (ZhRNHM), it is affiliated with ZhRNHMand has been active in patriotic and spiritual upbringingof the community.As of October 2008 Supranovich Irina Yulyanovna became the director of the Zhodino Regional Natural History Museum. At this time the museum employs a team of specialists with college degrees in teaching and museum science Simonovic Alexander Nikolaevich-senior research worker,Migai Olga Vasilievna- chief keeper, Nikolaeva Irina Aleksandrovna, SimonovichNatalia Aleksandrovna, Korshikov Eugene Nikolaevich – junior research staff.
The museum staff is engaged in collection and preservation of historical, cultural and spiritual heritage: museum objects of historical, artistic or scientific value that are connected directly to the history of the city and the region in the context of world history and the history of Belarus, as well as conducting an inventory of the museum and scientific certification of holdings.At the same time the group works on creating thematic plans for future expositions of the Zhodino museum, conducts active research and educational activities.
In recent years, Zhodino Museum initiated new projects, such as evening-requiem “60 Years of the Feat”, dedicated to the Hero of the Soviet Union P.I. Kupriyanov, “Radziwill’s readings” conference was conducted on the 365-anniversary of Zhodino, the seminar “Birds of Belarus” with the participation of institutions in the city, Museum Day, the anniversary evening in honour of distinguished scientist in the field of holography and biomedical optics Tanyn Leonid Victorovich, the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the House-Museum of A. F. Kupriyanov, etc. About 8500 residentsand guests took part in activities organized by the team of ZhRNHMin 2011.
To demonstrate the results of the staff’s efforts works such as a collectionof Radziwill’s readings, a brochure”Cultural Institutions Zhodino”, a tour guide “Monuments and Memorials of Zhodino”, a guide “Memorable Dates and Anniversaries in 2012,” the booklet “The House-Museum of Anastasia Fominichna Kupriyanov”,a promotional brochure, “Interesting! Informative! Current!” which tells about the events, wereprepared by museum staff.
On January 1, 2012 the mainholdings of the ZhRNHMconsisted of 5129 items of museum value, the supplementary scientific inventory has 1997 objects,in total – 7126 articles. In the 12 months of 2011 the museum possessions gained 1154 new items.A collection of philately, stones and minerals, phaleristics, numismaticsand bonistics was created in the holdings of the Zhodino Regional Natural History Museum. There are also rarities such as a book “Count Nulin” (A. S. Pushkin, St. Petersburg, 1827), buttonsfrom the uniforms of French soldiers (War of 1812), coins, articles of weaving and embroidery, an icon crafted in the nineteenth century, a Singer sewing machine, millstones, etc. Thanks to the special events “IstEk”, “A Photo from the School Album”, “Creativity of Zhodino residents- a gift to the museum,” and “Chronicles of my generation,” the museum continues to actively expand.
In the near future the people and visitors of Zhodino will be able to visit the museum. On the ground floor of the museum the hall of nature, storage facilities, administrative and household premises will be located. The second floor will house a gallery consisting of a few halls. There is also a room set aside for the organization of creative clubs at the Zhodino Regional Natural History Museum.
The concept of the museum is based on a thematic principle. The permanent exhibitions will consist of several sections, in which the story of Zhodinois revealed on the following topics:
1. The nature of our region.
2. Boguslaw Radziwill and major events in the history of Zhodino.
3. From medieval forgeryto modern “Heavy Forging Plant.”
4. The development of transport production in Zhodino and a plant for production of “BelAZ” machinery.
5. Traditional spinning, weaving, sewing and knitting factory “Svitanok”.
6. From the primitive peasant agriculture to modern research in agriculture and animal husbandry.
7. Social sphere of Zhodino residents.
8. New Belarus: individual entrepreneurship and market economy.

House-Museum A. F. Kupriyanov (a branch of Zhodino Museum).

Minsk-Moscow highway. It is never deserted. Often at the forty-fifth kilometre from Minsk, those who pass through Zhodino make a stopat the monument in honour of the Soviet patriot mother, the modelfor which was a Zhodino resident, Anastasia Fominichna Kupriyanov. The monument was festively installed on August 29, 1975. The monumental composition describes a tragic fate of one of tenth of thousands of Soviet families who have lost their children during WWII. The memorial is a collective image, a symbol of the feat ofthe mother and her sons during the war.
Yet not everyone knows that in 1980 a House-Museum of A. F. Kupriyanova was opened in Zhodino, it remains functioning to this day.
Employees conduct an informative tour on the topic of “A. F.Kupriyanova and her sons,” and tell the story of the great mother. In the conclusion of the tour the visitors are invited to view the movie “Obelisks” which tells of the Kupriyanov family.
House-Museum of A. F. Kupriyanova is located on the Moscow St., 15. Work hours are from 9:00 to 17:00; the museum is closed on Sundays and Mondays. It is affiliated with ZhRNHM, and actively accepts visitors.
TodayZhodino Regional Natural History Museum offers the following services: 1) Tour “A. F. Kupriyanova and her sons” in the House-Museum of A. F. Kupriyanova (watch the movie “The Obelisks”), 2) tour of the historic city center to the monumentof “Water Mill” and “Tserkovische”,to a memorial “Cannon” (view the film on the history of Zhodino), 3) Traveling exhibition “Collection of numismatics and bonisticsfrom the holdings Zhodino museum as a reflection of the history of the town and country “(multimedia), 4) Traveling exhibition” Phaleristics. A collection of phaleristicsfrom theholdings Zhodino Regional Natural History Museum”(multimedia)., 5) video lecture,” the beginning of WWII. Disruption of the Nazi plans for a “blitzkrieg”, “6) exhibition” The World of Nature “(animaland bird taxidermy from the holdings of the museum), 7) Exhibition “Faces of Ancient Icons”, 8) Lecture “Monuments of the historical center of Zhodino” (view the film on the history of Zhodino), 9) learning lecture “Work with Holdings in Departmental Museums” (with samples of the museum’s documentation), 10) lecture “Confessional Situation in Zhodino (Boguslaw Field) in the XVII – XVIII centuries. “, 11) offsite exhibition” War of 1812 and Belarus “(multimedia), 12) provides services for search and presentationof information on the history of Zhodino from the archivesof the museum.
We invite you to Zhodino!