25.08.2023 09:52


The education sector of the town is presented by 11 educational establishments. They include the Zhodino Women’s Gymnasium, Gymnasium #1 of the town of Zhodino, six secondary schools (including profound learning of German and schools with musical and architectural biases), a boarding school, Kupriyanova kindergarten – secondary school #1, an evening school, Galinovskis’ children’s home. 

The educational system of the town includes a center of technical creativity, a center of children’s creativity, a socio-pedagogical center, a center for correctional education and rehabilitation. In the 2007/2008 academic year, there were 7,200 students. A youth center is now being built in Zhodino. The construction is funded by Chairperson of the Chernobyl Children Initiative of the town of Mulheim (Germany), Honourary Citizen of the town of Zhodino Dagmar van Emmerich and by the local budget. As of late 2007, Br692 million was utilised from the Initiative’s fund and Br300 from the local budget. The facility is ready by 55%.