25.08.2023 09:31


Zhodino, a young industrial town of the Minsk oblast, lies 40 kilometers away from Minsk. The town occupies 1,931 hectares, has 15 districts and 184 streets. The Brest-Moscow railway and a motorway run across the town. The name of the town comes from the River Zhodinka.

The town has two dates of birth: the first one is historical, 1643; the second one is March 7, 1963 when, the Presidium of the BSSR Supreme Council issued the Decree to award Zhodino the status of an oblast town.

Relying on the historical documents confirmed by the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences, the session of the town council of deputies took a decision on November 1, 2007 to recognise the year of 1643 as the date of founding of the town. In 2008, the town will celebrate its 365th anniversary.