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The industrial sector of the features the Belarusian Autoworks (BelAZ trademark), КЗТШ plant, Svitanak Company. BelAZ is one of the world’s largest producers of mine trucks and special-purpose equipment.

The Belarusian Autoworks produces mine trucks with payload capacity from 30 to 320 tonnes and special-purpose equipment for mining and metallurgical companies working in different climatic conditions.

BelAZ also makes front-end loaders, bulldozers, wreckers, wheeled manipulators, cart-horses, slag carriages, aircraft tugs.

The Belarusian Autoworks is among the world’s seven major truck producers. The company accounts for one third of the world market and 96% of the Russian and CIS market.

The КЗТШ plant produces bobbins and punching from profiled iron, punches on crank-type hot-forging press, swages, hammer forging with further thermal treatment, longerons, rear-axle casing, MAZ front-axle centers, truck tyre rims.

The company is fitted with an up-to-date equipment and software to conduct design work and comprehensive testing of integrated products. Alongside engineering goods the plant also makes spare parts for farm machines and aggregates, hardware, plates for silicate brick forms, balls for ball mills, truck and tractor springs, pipeline flanges.

The major customers of the plant are BelAZ, MAZ, MTZ and other engineering companies.

Svitanak Company is a knitwear manufacturer of the light industry. The company is part of the state concern Bellegprom.

Founded in December 1975, Svitanak Company produces a wide assortment of knitwear goods with the use of cotton yarn, cottonized flax fibre and synthetic threads.

The company’s line-up embraces lingerie, men’s, children’s underwear, women’s, men’s and children’s clothes. The assortment totals more than 500 various models a month. The company’s infrastructure includes six hostels, a health unit, eating facilities.

The company sells a half of its production domestically and exports 40% to the CIS markets including 38% to the Russian Federation and 10% to the markets of non-CIS countries. For the past 15 years Svitanak has been executing orders for Italy, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Baltic states.

The industrial network of the town embraces 14 companies of the engineering, wood-processing, light and food industry.