25.08.2023 14:21 (обновлено: 30.08.2023 14:22)

The best representatives of the education of the Minsk region were honored today in Zhodzina

Today, the regional August pedagogical conference is being held in Zhodino. About 500 pedagogical workers from the Minsk region came to our city.

The plenary session of the conference of pedagogical workers “We form the personality of the future through peace and creation” began with an appeal to the teachers of the Minsk region by the chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Turchin.

— The traditional August pedagogical conference is an opportunity to discuss the development of the regional education system in a direct and open dialogue. Hear each other and make the right management decisions.

Support for the region’s education system will continue, if not more so. After all, your role in shaping the Belarusian society and educating patriots is invaluable,” the head of the region said.

The head of the Minsk region thanked the teaching staff of the region and presented the best representatives of the industry with Certificates of Honor and Gratitude of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee.