25.08.2023 14:17 (обновлено: 30.08.2023 14:18)


From August 25 to September 5, 2023, on the territory of the city of Zhodino, the State traffic inspectorate is holding a special set of events “Attention – children!”, Within which, under the motto “Attention parents, the holidays are over!” August 25 this year also organized the holding of a single day of road safety, aimed at the prevention of child road traffic injuries before the start of the school year.
On the first days when students go to school, the State Traffic Inspectorate and representatives of education will meet with students and their parents as part of the week of road safety to talk again about important issues related to the correct and safe behavior on the road network, in vehicles, marking reflective elements at night, as well as a culture of behavior and mutual respect between road users.
It is also very important to remind our esteemed drivers that during the special complex event “Attention – children!” drivers of all vehicles, when driving during daylight hours, must turn on the dipped headlights or daytime running lights (if any), be as careful as possible, especially near children’s educational institutions, pedestrian crossings and in courtyard areas.
For violation of this requirement, provided for in clause 166.9 of the SDA, administrative liability is applied to drivers in accordance with Part 3 of Art. 18.13 Administrative Code of the Republic of Belarus.
The problem of children’s road traffic injuries remains relevant today. For 7 months of this year, 1 accident occurred in the city of Zhodino, as a result of which 1 minor was injured.
The main mistakes of underage pedestrians leading to accidents are: crossing the carriageway outside the pedestrian crossing, unexpected exit due to a vehicle or other obstacles that restrict the driver’s visibility, as well as being on the carriageway unaccompanied by adults.
Dear adults, explain to children that even having an advantage at a pedestrian crossing, a pedestrian must be extremely attentive, careful, not be distracted when crossing the roadway, be sure to look around, avoid talking on a mobile phone and using headphones when listening to any information or music , by their actions not to create obstacles for the movement of vehicles.
The end of summer holidays and the start of school is traditionally characterized by a number of threats to the safety of children on the road. One of the main such risks is an increase in the activity of transporting children from places of recreation, children’s camps by personal transport, as well as in organized groups by buses.
The severity of the consequences of traffic accidents involving underage passengers is influenced by the fact that a number of adults, when transporting children, still neglect the use of passive safety equipment (car seats, boosters, special pillows), or transport young children in child restraints without fastening them with seat belts security. The traffic police reminds that for violation of the rules for transporting children in accordance with part 6 of article 18.13 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Belarus, drivers are subject to an administrative penalty in the form of a warning or a fine of up to 4 BV. Dear adults! It is mandatory to transport children only with fastened seat belts, and for younger children, use special restraints!
Until the warm season is over, on the road we often meet cyclists and pedestrians using personal mobility aids (PPM), and unfortunately, among adults, we also see children on the main road. But the rules say that the presence of children cyclists under 14 years of age on public roads unaccompanied by adults is strictly prohibited. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to conduct an explanatory conversation with parents and children on safe cycling and the use of personal mobility aids.
The State traffic inspectorate draws the attention of parents and reminds them that they are primarily responsible for their children! It is necessary, on a personal positive example, from a very early age to educate children in the skill of strict observance of traffic rules, to explain to children the consequences of non-compliance with traffic rules.
The path of the child to school and back home must be safe! Remind the basic rules of behavior on the road! Make sure that the child, being near or on the roadway, does not talk on the phone and does not listen to music on headphones, as this distracts his attention! Be sure to mark the school bag, the child’s clothes with reflective elements!
For improper performance of duties for the upbringing of minors, parents may be held administratively liable in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Dear adults! The safety of children primarily depends on your attention and control, be a good example for them!