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Remove – iron! We learned how in Zhodzina they fight with auto junk

Each of us at least once saw a rarity in the yard – a car beaten by life without wheels, with rusted body elements, and sometimes even without windows and numbers. Years pass, but the owners of such “swallows” are in no hurry to clean them up. Cars grow into the ground and occupy parking spaces, and the administration and cities, together with the State traffic inspectorate, have to initiate a procedure for their evacuation.

We learned from the head of the sector of housing and communal services of the department for architecture, construction and housing and communal services of the city executive committee Natalia Tolmach how they are fighting with auto junk.

Ownerless cars not only take up valuable parking spaces, but also pollute the environment, and in general are an unpleasant art object for the eyes. Where should residents of the yards where such transport was registered go, and what should its owner know?

  • The procedure for the seizure and export of such vehicles consists of several stages and requires a lot of time to complete the necessary documents. First you need to leave a request in the operational dispatch service 115. Then employees of the Zhodino traffic police take control of it and send information about the vehicle, its location and owner (if it can be established) to the executive committee, – said Natalya Tolmach.

If the owner does not show up after the allotted time, then the car will be evacuated to a special guarded parking lot.
When the owner of an abandoned car is identified, a notice is sent to him about the need to move the car to the parking lot within 30 calendar days, bring it into proper condition or dispose of it.

  • The owner is sent an act and a notice that his car has been evacuated by registered mail. Within three months, he has the right to return it by submitting a written request for return to the executive committee. And you will also have to pay for the delivery of the car and for each day it is in a paid parking lot. In case of refusal to reimburse costs, they are collected in court, – explained Natalia Tolmach.

At the moment, documents for 6 non-operating vehicles have been prepared for the evacuation procedure. There are more than 10 in the city.
Cases where the owner of the vehicle never showed up are not uncommon. Then the car is recognized as escheated property and transferred to communal property for subsequent disposal.

– There is a specific example when an unneeded car not only spoils the appearance of the city, but also becomes a problem. The management of one of the medical centers turned to the city executive committee with a request to deal with two abandoned cars that interfere with its work, – shared the head of the housing and communal services sector.

She also noted that in connection with the landscaping work carried out in many yards, there are special parking rules for all car owners. Therefore, special attention is paid to the removal of ownerless vehicles – these vehicles interfere with the work of special equipment.

Here is an example of a car that has lost its wheels and is already rooted to the ground. There is a rarity near the house number 17 on Lenin Avenue. In the same place “settled” another car without numbers.
To avoid such situations, do not leave the transport near the house, bringing it to the state of auto junk. When leaving for a long business trip, park your car. And if it is faulty, take it to a landfill or scrap it. And remember about the responsibility that you still have to bear.

Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated August 9, 2011 No. 348 “On measures to organize the collection, storage of non-operating vehicles and their subsequent disposal” refers to a regulatory legal act that regulates the consideration of cases on recognizing property as ownerless.
And what do the citizens think about this problem?

Yanina Kolesova is a car owner herself, so the availability of parking at the house is an acute issue for her, and ownerless cars only create additional inconvenience.

  • It cannot be said that there are a lot of such vehicles in the city, but from time to time “decluttering” is still required. I think if the recycling and deregistration procedures are simplified and made less expensive, then more people would approach the issue consciously. It’s like old furniture. Everyone understands that sooner or later the housing and communal services will take it away, so they store sofas, plumbing and other bulky trash almost at the entrance, instead of taking it out on their own.

A resident of the city, Nikita Kozharov, says that ownerless cars are not a problem for him, because there are none and never have been in his yard.

  • Of course, the fact that such cars interfere with special equipment, harvesters in winter or an ambulance makes you think. It’s also unsafe for children. Broken glass during the game can cause injury.