25.08.2023 14:16 (обновлено: 30.08.2023 14:17)

Everything would be fine if it weren’t so bad

From childhood, my parents taught me to rejoice not only in significant victories, but to praise myself and others even for minor successes. And most importantly, do not discount them. And learn to see the positive in everything. I got older, tried to follow these parting words, but, to be honest, not always successfully. However, I tried to think differently and continue to this day.
And there are people who do not make any demands on themselves. But they love to criticize, blame, look for a catch. Call it whatever you like, but the result is the same – an eternally dissatisfied person who, even in good things, manages to find a problem. Here’s what I mean: a man called the editorial office and without a “hello” immediately began to be indignant that the housing and communal services employees, attention, are cleaning the street!

  • Come and take a picture of it! – the interlocutor began in a raised voice.
  • And what is wrong? It’s great that the streets are clean, – I answer.
    It turned out that they clean up, but without special equipment, they use only panicles and rakes, while it’s the 21st century in the yard! To be honest, I was taken aback for a few seconds. What is an example, you ask? Is maintaining order an accomplishment to be thanked for? Why not? Despite all the problems that exist in the city in the housing sector, we live in a clean city. But this is not able to see the caller man. What they clean, what they don’t clean, everything is bad, and the lack of equipment that day is just a trigger.
    But in Paris, rats run through the streets (I saw it personally) and in some areas it smells far from French perfumes and croissants. In St. Petersburg, kilograms of garbage are washed up on the banks of the Neva, and dozens of homeless people with their belongings feel at ease next to the majestic Hermitage.
    These examples are not a call to put up with garbage or, on the contrary, to admire its removal, a new bench or a footpath in Zhodzina. This is the norm. I just want to say that everything is known in comparison and we must protect what we have, be grateful even for small, as it seems to many, blessings. There are problems in all cities, but there are also good ones.
    And another situation. A public toilet in Zhodzina Yuzhny had been waiting for more than one year, and everyone considered it their duty to be indignant at the fact of his absence. And finally, the long-awaited opening took place. Everything would be fine, but it only works on the wrong schedule, the wrong color, and in general now it will be spoiled so that it would be better not to open it. By the way, ugly graffiti on the toilet appeared faster than the first visitors. Devaluation is a special kind of pleasure.
    Or just recently got the city beach. He took first place in the republican review competition in the nomination “The best improvement and maintenance of a recreation area at a water body among state organizations.” The news, from which every citizen of Zhodzina should have a pleasant feeling of pride. Our beach is the best! But what is it! There were commentators who named a hundred reasons why the competition should be reviewed, and the judges should be put on the soap.
    I don’t understand why you can’t just be happy, even if there are shortcomings in the improvement of the beach? Is he really so bad that he is not worthy of this title? But its territory has changed for this swimming season, it has become more comfortable for vacationers. Did you not notice this?
    I wrote about all this, and somewhere in the depths of my soul I felt sorry for people with this way of thinking. And I thought about my parents. Thank them.