24.08.2023 14:09 (обновлено: 30.08.2023 14:11)

25 young medical specialists arrived to work in Zhodzina

University classrooms and training practice for them are already in the past. 25 young medical specialists arrived to work in Zhodzina. These are not only doctors, but also graduates of medical colleges.

To fall in love with Zhodino with all my heart, to easily join the team, start a family, build housing and develop medicine in the place where I once arrived many years ago as a young specialist … But what, was it possible? Certainly! And in a few years, I will be happy to make a report in this vein with someone from those who came to work at the Zhodino Central City Hospital today. In the meantime, I look with interest at the faces of newcomers in white coats, who have gathered for a traditional meeting with the leadership of the city and the hospital.

Open and active, serious and a little wary – so different, but united by a medical vocation and now the first place of work, guys and girls.

Chairman of the City Executive Committee Dmitry Zablotsky, welcoming the young professionals, wished them a successful career start and added that our developing city is a great place to live and work. The doctors were also told about the construction of housing and social facilities, about the activities aimed at ensuring that they quickly get used to Zhodino and find friends here. Beginning doctors talked about themselves and asked interesting questions, and I was eager to know their first impression of the city, work and team.

Intern anesthesiologist-resuscitator Alexander Karchemkin, a graduate of Vitebsk Medical University, does not hide that he is pleasantly surprised by the equipment and manipulations performed in the intensive care unit of the Central City Hospital.

– The work of the department and staff is impressive! You don’t always see something like this even in medical institutions at the regional level,” says Alexander. – At the new place, I was received perfectly, the team is responsive, everyone is friendly and ready to help. I cannot fail to note the excellent head of resuscitation Vitaly Infarovich. For three working weeks, I have already managed to try a lot in practical terms.

A young doctor arrived in our city from the capital, so I’m interested in how things are going with the housing issue.

  • I was given a hostel, no problems arose, everything was decided in one day, – Alexander shared. – The conditions suit me, I go to work on foot. If everything goes well, maybe I’ll stay. So far, I like Zhodino.

The medical family of Zhodino was replenished by one doctor – an obstetrician-gynecologist,
3 general practitioners,
6 interns and
17 nurses.
My next interlocutor, general practitioner Nadezhda Turonchik, is from Zhodinka. After graduating from the Minsk Medical University, she decided to do her internship in her hometown – now she works in the cardiology department. To the question about the first working days, Nadezhda answers:

  • Difficult, but interesting. I am glad that the team received me well and warmly. And this applies not only to cardiology: last year I had a summer internship at the Zhodino Central City Hospital, and in all the departments where I had a chance to visit, the reception was friendly. Still, cardiology is my separate love. Because special specialists work here: they will always explain everything, they will never brush aside and support any initiative. I think that I was really lucky with my colleagues, and I am satisfied with my first job.

But Polina Bantser, assistant doctor of the second therapeutic department of the city polyclinic, was brought to Zhodino by love. The girl graduated from a medical school in Molodechno, where she comes from. And in the 3rd Molodechno polyclinic, they were already waiting for her at the first workplace. But here the prankster Cupid intervened.

“At the end of my second year, I realized that in the future I would have to move to your city: my boyfriend was from here, and we were going to get married,” says Polina. – I did my undergraduate practice in Zhodino. Thanks to the head physician Tatyana Nikiforova, I was sent here for my first job. Now I work in the city polyclinic – I serve my site. There were no difficulties with housing – my husband was allocated a hostel from BELAZ. The first time in the new city was unusual: Molodechno is much larger. But over time, I began to like Zhodzina’s compactness: everything is close, you can get to work on foot. We are not going to leave anywhere – we will equip our family life here.

The passing score in medical universities is traditionally high. Tatyana Nikiforova, chief physician of the Zhodino Central City Hospital, said that this year applicants took 27 targeted directions, and only eight people became students. This shows that there is a big competition among the “targets”.
After such meetings with young people, I always rejoice at their positive attitude and readiness to build a life in a new city, where they feel they are needed and feel supported. And I want young doctors to stay in Zhodino without hesitation after having worked for the allotted time. Among the arguments influencing the decision, many will immediately name the opportunity to build housing, a good team and working conditions. But for some reason, few people will say that a lot depends on us, the patients. Everyone wants to get to a sensitive and attentive specialist, but it would be useful to note that human attitude and respect are important for everyone: both for those who are being treated and for those who are being treated.