22.08.2023 14:05 (обновлено: 30.08.2023 14:05)

Zhodzina law enforcement officers visited the Neposedy health camp and reminded the children about safe behavior during the holidays

Inspectors of the IDN together with representatives of the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Zhodino Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, within the framework of the republican interdepartmental program “Care”, visited the recreation camp “Neposedy” and reminded the children of the rules of safe behavior in the summer.

The pupils of the camp, which operates on the basis of the Zhodino Social and Pedagogical Center, were looking forward to the guests. Indeed, at such events, teenagers can directly communicate with representatives of the law and ask them questions of interest. This time the meeting also became cognitive and informative.

Inspectors of the IDN explained to the children the legal consequences of offenses, told about the rules for using the Internet, safety at home, on water, railway transport facilities, warned about the inadmissibility of drunkenness, alcoholism, the use of psychotropics, including smoking and chewing mixtures. The traffic police, in turn, reminded of the need to comply with the Rules of the Road, the use of reflective elements at night, the choice of acceptable places for active games, roller skating, skateboards and bicycles.

Fidgets were shown preventive videos about crimes against sexual integrity and drug trafficking.

Law enforcement officers prepared a surprise for the guys – a mini-exhibition of special equipment that they use in their official activities. The uniform of traffic police inspectors, batons, radars, body armor and especially the traffic police car aroused genuine interest among teenagers.

“It’s nice that the guys were active and asked a lot of questions,” said Maria Goncharik, senior traffic police inspector. – During the holidays, children and teenagers have a lot of free time, and it is important that they spend it usefully and without tragic incidents. And for this, it is necessary to talk with them and explain the rules of safe behavior.