21.08.2023 11:58 (обновлено: 30.08.2023 12:01)

Pop stars, a virtual trip and a multi-ton dump truck: how BELAZ celebrates its anniversary at VDNKh in Moscow

Under the slogan “Belarus is creative”, the main Belarusian industrial brand BELAZ celebrates its 75th anniversary on August 20 at VDNKh in Moscow. On the occasion of this date, the leader of the domestic engineering industry arranged a bright holiday for Muscovites and guests of the Russian capital, filled with a variety of surprises, BelTA has learned.

“BELAZ is a Belarusian brand that is known all over the world: the company’s products are used in 80 countries. The main, key market, of course, is the Russian Federation: 11,000 vehicles are operating in Russia today,” Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Dmitry Krutoy said at the opening ceremony of the holiday.

He stated that the enterprise is subjected to very serious Western sanctions pressure. “But despite this, it is growing, developing, showing excellent results and almost every six months pleases its customers with new products. Today, not only classic BELAZ trucks, but also gas-powered vehicles, battery-powered vehicles, hybrid models, and now they have begun to try intelligent autopilot vehicles in deserted quarries in Russia,” the ambassador noted.

“Dump trucks of this Belarusian brand have a significant contribution of Russian-made materials and components, so they can rightfully be considered a product of the Union State,” said Deputy State Secretary of the Union State Vladimir Amarin. “Now, under the pressure of unprecedented sanctions, the competences of Belarusian and Russian manufacturers in the field of mechanical engineering are in demand more than ever. This allows reducing and even completely avoiding dependence on foreign suppliers and solving the issue of import substitution. The history of BELAZ is a vivid example of mutually beneficial Belarusian-Russian cooperation, deepening cooperation in the high-tech sector and successful implementation of large-scale innovative projects.”

Oleg Klimovich, Deputy General Director of BELAZ, recalled that in 75 years the enterprise has gone from creating small road vehicles to producing giant dump trucks. “Our cars have long become a brand and a symbol of the Republic of Belarus, and they embody an important quality of every Belarusian — reliability, trust and diligence,” he stressed. “In close cooperation with fraternal Russia, we continue to hold the bar high for world manufacturers of mining dump trucks, while producing technologically independent products that are in demand in many countries of the world. “Belarus is creative” is not just a slogan, it is an idea that fills and unites all the inhabitants of our country, each of whom contributes to the prosperity of his native land. This idea fills our hearts with kindness and love. I am sure that the work of our artists will allow you to experience this feeling as well.”

The eight-hour musical marathon dedicated to the anniversary of BELAZ began at exactly noon at VDNKh, on the square near the most famous Moscow fountain “Friendship of Peoples”. Its participants were Belarusian artists Ruslan Alekhno, Alexander Solodukha Victoria Aleshko, balalaika virtuoso Alexander Voronishche, art group “Belarus”, folk show “Zababony” and many other artists.

Another festive venue unfolded at VDNKh near the pavilion of the Republic of Belarus. Here, Muscovites and guests of the Russian capital could climb on the deck of the BELAZ-7558 mining dump truck, take original pictures in the Swing photo zone, buy branded souvenirs and send a commemorative postcard with the image of the dump truck anywhere in the world using BELAZ Post. And with the help of virtual technologies, those who wish had the opportunity to ride the world’s largest mining dump truck BELAZ-75710 with a carrying capacity of 450 tons, as well as visit the BELAZ plant in Zhodino and see the assembly of legendary giants with their own eyes.