17.08.2023 12:59 (обновлено: 30.08.2023 13:01)

Training camp for 90 young graduate lieutenants of logistics specialties and transport troops was held in Zhodino

For one day, the 65th Automobile Brigade turned into a real training center: a gathering of officers-graduates of rear specialties and transport troops of 2023 was held here.

More than 90 young lieutenants, who after graduation were assigned for further service in military units in different parts of the country, came to Zhodino to consolidate their knowledge in practice. The training consisted of two blocks: theoretical and practical. Conducted instructional and methodological sessions with the officers in various areas of service: fuels and lubricants, medical and food. They later put into practice the acquired skills.

Theoretical knowledge of the young lieutenants consolidated in practice at training points.

The participants were welcomed by the Deputy Minister of Defense for Logistics – Chief of Logistics of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, Major General Andrey Burdyko: he congratulated the lieutenants on graduation and held a lecture for the officers.

In addition to classes, an excursion was organized for young officers to the Museum of Transport Troops, which is located on the territory of the unit.

Alexander Shavlovsky, head of the fuel service of the 65th automobile brigade, originally from Mozyr, after graduating from the Military Academy, was assigned to Zhodino for further service. The young lieutenant believes that these fees are useful from a practical point of view.

  • We received a lot of information that will be useful in the future. For me, this is everything that concerns fuel: the provision of units and subunits, storage, accounting and other issues. It is also important that we were told about the registration of those in need, so that in the future we could get housing. I met here eight of my classmates, who now serve in different regions of Belarus, the geography of the event is solid, – the soldier notes.

Ivan Nevdakh, commander of the bridge preparation platoon of the bridge company of the bridge battalion, was sent to serve in our city after graduating from the Military Academy of Logistics. Army General A.V. Khrulev in St. Petersburg.

  • We attended classes on working with personnel, company management, and also refreshed our knowledge of instructions for the safe performance of military service. In my opinion, both the practical and the theoretical part, which takes place at the training points, is useful. Classes are conducted by representatives of the Logistics Headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, the Department of Transportation and brigades – there is a lot to learn.