16.08.2023 12:58 (обновлено: 30.08.2023 12:59)

In Zhodino, 668 families received assistance to prepare for school

We asked the residents of Zhodzina how significant such an increase is for them and what they spent the payments on.

Bringing a child to school is a costly business, to put it mildly. When he is not alone in the family, it is hard for parents, and if one of the kids goes to first grade, it is doubly so. After all, you need to buy everything from scratch, from the form to the office. What kind of support from the state are mothers and fathers with many children entitled to count on?

Since August 1, in all regions of the republic, more than 60,000 families raising three or more children have already received assistance to prepare children for school. Adoptives and those under guardianship are not counted. The payment for each student is a one-time payment and amounts to 30 percent of the subsistence minimum budget (this year it is 109.32 rubles).

The state will help over 240,000 Belarusian schoolchildren from 115,000 large families get ready for school.

It is important that assistance is provided regardless of the family income, and in order to receive it, you must contact the territorial center of social services for the population at the place of registration of one of the parents and provide a package of documents: an application, a passport or residence permit, a certificate of a large family, a certificate stating that that the child is a student of an educational institution, and a bank account number opened with Belarusbank.

– 872 large families live in Zhodino, 800 of which are raising children of school age. This year, the Territorial Center has planned financial assistance for one and a half thousand of these guys. At the moment, 668 families have already received payments, – commented Natalya Dubovik, Deputy Director of the ZhTCSON.

Families with many children also have certain benefits for paying for school textbooks and meals. In particular, the amount of payment for books for children from such families is 50% of the total amount. To use the benefit, you must provide a copy of the certificate of a large family to the educational institution and write an application addressed to the head of the school.

If the child goes to the first grade, then the payment is made after he is enrolled in school and he receives the appropriate certificate from the educational institution. A similar scheme also applies to high school students who can pick up documents for admission, and then wish to continue their studies at school.

In August, charity events and fairs are held throughout the country: “Schoolpack”, “Pick up the child to school”, “To school with a smile”, “First grader’s portfolio”. They are organized by territorial centers, charitable foundations and public associations. The collected textbooks, stationery, notebooks and briefcases will be given to socially vulnerable and low-income families (including large families).

At the moment, 122.8 thousand Belarusian children from large families have received material assistance to prepare children for school for a total of 13.4 million rubles. Payments are ongoing.

It won’t be redundant

We asked the residents of Zhodzina how significant such an increase is for them and what they spent the payments on.

There are five children in the Sinitsky family – three girls and two boys. In 2021, Alena’s mother was awarded the Order of the Mother. The woman does not consider herself a heroine, but she admits that maternal work is not easy. Usually, the keepers of the hearth are interested in the family budget, but I decided to get a man’s opinion.

  • The amount of payments, of course, is small, but for each schoolchild, my wife and I were able to buy new clothes: a shirt-front, a blouse for our daughter. They notify you about payments, and even if you don’t know that they are due to you, they won’t leave you without them, – shared the head of the family Sergey.

Natalya Izmailova is another Zhodinka who received the Order of the Mother. She and her husband Dmitry are raising a daughter and four sons. Of course, the choice in favor of a large family is conscious, and parents rely only on their own strength. However, Natalia notes that state support is a nice bonus.

  • In our family, only my husband works so far, so money is not superfluous. We received payments for three schoolchildren, and this is 327 rubles. We have enough for stationery and briefcases, we allocate funds for school uniforms already from the family budget.