15.08.2023 12:57 (обновлено: 30.08.2023 12:58)

New furniture, household appliances and a flower kingdom in the yard

How Zhodino Kindergarten No. 15 “Ryabinka” prepared for the beginning of the school year.

August changed the second half – there is very little left before the start of the new school year. While the guys were resting on vacation, work was in full swing in all educational institutions. And it’s not just about schools: on September 1, pre-school institutions of Zhodino will also meet their pupils in full readiness. I went to kindergarten No. 15 “Ryabinka” to see what work was done there.

Already on the way to the institution, you understand that you will soon find yourself on an island of childhood: a bright fence, multi-colored verandas and play equipment, funny architectural forms, beautiful flower beds. It is noticeable that the workers put a piece of their soul into the improvement of the territory.

In groups, such “growing” tables appeared: their height can be adjusted in accordance with the growth of children.

The groups have also been updated: cosmetic repairs have been carried out in almost each of them. For the funds allocated by the Center for Supporting the Activities of Budgetary Organizations of Zhodino, the ceiling and heating in the locker room of one of the groups were replaced. We purchased new equipment for the catering department: a refrigerator, an electric meat grinder and an electric frying pan. A useful new thing – a washing machine – appeared in the laundry. And during the year, serious work was carried out on the roof for budgetary funds: the parapets were replaced here. Of course, such large-scale and expensive “interventions” can only be carried out by the institution with the help of the Department of Education, Sports and Tourism.

On September 1, 60 kids from two to three years old will come to Ryabinka. There are three groups here.

Some groups are still undergoing renovations, but, as Yulia Savka, head of the kindergarten, assures, the work is nearing completion and in September the children will come to the renovated premises. Moreover, many of them have new furniture.

“By the beginning of the school year, the enterprises of the city provided us with sponsorship,” says Yulia Gennadievna. – So, the Eton plant allocated 4,200 rubles for the purchase of furniture. These funds were used to purchase cabinets, tables and chairs for three groups. With the financial support of “Belux” it was possible to replace sinks in three groups, and in ten – cabinets for methodological literature. I note that this company helps us every year. And by September 1, KZTSH will install four types of sports equipment: a crossbar, a snake, a bridge and a hand walker. We express our deep gratitude to the heads of enterprises and look forward to their support in the future.

“And, of course, our permanent assistants are the parents of the pupils,” the headmaster continues. – Through the efforts of the Board of Trustees, the institution is being renovated and becomes more comfortable, and physical assistance in the improvement is also important. Over the summer, verandas were refreshed at all walking areas, roofs were replaced in two of them, and playground equipment was updated. All this is done by parents. It’s nice that we have a lot of dads and moms who respond to the requests of educators and administration. For example, the Dybo family regularly helps in landscaping the territory: bush and standard roses, small architectural forms that adorn our yard are their gift.

This year, the institution also has its own alley of graduates: saying goodbye to the kindergarten, matured preschoolers, together with their parents, planted 15 thujas as a memory of themselves.

Having walked around the building and territory of Ryabinka, I am convinced that they are ready for the new academic year. By the way, in the kindergarten there are still places for little residents of Zhodzina. All information can be obtained on the website or from the administration of the institution.