14.09.2023 16:37

The ceremonial meeting “Together for a Happy Future!” dedicated to the Day of National Unity took place at the monument in honor of the Soviet patriotic mother Anastasia Fominichna Kupriyanova

This year, city residents supported the initiative of the Council of City Leaders, the City Council of Entrepreneurs, and the City Council of Deputies to raise funds for the repair and restoration of the monument and the surrounding area. With the support of the Zhodino City Executive Committee, the monument acquired its original appearance, and the square in front of it was transformed. It has become much wider, and the number of pedestrian paths has increased. New lighting has been installed here, and the granite slab of the obelisk has been replaced.

During the welcoming speech, the chairman of the city executive committee, Dmitry Zablotsky, thanked everyone who took part in this noble cause, and also congratulated all those present on the young public holiday – National Unity Day.

At the solemn meeting “Together for a happy future!” Among the guests of honor was the Soviet and Belarusian sculptor, People’s Artist of Belarus Ivan Yakimovich Misko.

Today’s rally is a reason to stop and think in the bustle of everyday worries: what makes us a united people, how to achieve this unity and together make the country and city better? He placed emphasis and showed what the Zhodino residents managed to do together. For example, for the reconstruction of the monument in honor of the patriotic mother and for the production and installation of the sculptural composition of the Mother of God, the main fundraising was carried out at the expense of concerned citizens. Together we showed that in unity and community everything is possible.

Despite its youth, the holiday of unity has become truly popular. Together, the residents of Zhodino remember, are proud and rejoice that for decades they have managed to maintain independence and national identity.