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We studied the general plan of Zhodino: will there be another underground passage in the city, where public gardens and Wi-Fi access points will appear

In recent years, our city has changed significantly: it has become more convenient and cosy, green areas are being improved, production facilities are being put in order. And in order for it to continue to develop harmoniously, so that in each microdistrict a person can feel comfortable and find everything necessary for a fulfilling life, the city leadership, architects, builders carefully think through and plan everything in advance. Subsequently, their data serve as the basis for the development of a master plan.

The government has determined the development strategy of Zhodino until 2030 – by Resolution of the Council of Ministers of July 28, 2023 No. 488, the master plan of Zhodino was approved.

I studied the city improvement scenario. I learned where the roads would lead, what kind of production facilities Zhodino needed and for what projects to look for investors, where public gardens and Wi-Fi access points would appear, and whether we would have another underground passage. In addition, the master plan contains forecasts of population dynamics, the development of a public service system, transport and engineering infrastructure, and the creation of a barrier-free urban environment. And even what professions will be in demand in seven years and where children go to study can be understood from the strategic document.

The Minsk Regional Executive Committee and the Zhodino City Executive Committee are responsible for the development plan of our city.

The document is voluminous. We will live according to it in two stages: the first – in 2025; the second is 2030. Here are the most interesting projects.

Small and medium businesses

If someone decides to engage in the production of industrial products and consumer goods, develop inbound tourism or the service sector, then these areas will be given the green light, because they are now a priority.

The production zone is the second largest and most important in shaping the image of Zhodino. The city is defined as a point of economic growth and has all the prerequisites for further building up industrial potential. The existing industrial zones in the area of the Zhodino CHPP and Labor Street will be streamlined, it is planned to develop and optimize sites with convenient transport links with Minsk and Borisov.

The territory of Zhodino will become larger:

– at the first stage – 2,612.8 ha;

– at the second stage – 2,795 ha.

Now the city is located on 2,419 hectares.

Transport infrastructure

It is supposed to form the structure of the street network, close to the radial-ring scheme. At the first stage, Lenin Avenue will be reconstructed. To unload it from transit transport, it is planned to build northern and eastern road bypasses with access to M1 / E30. There are also plans to build road overpasses instead of railway crossings.

Until 2025, underground pedestrian crossings will appear in Zhodino at the alignments of 50 years of October (along the roadway), 40 years of October (at the site of the existing crossing) and across Lenin Avenue near the bus station.

The new map of Zhodino also provides for the appearance of bicycle paths at the main transport exits from the city. They will also be in new housing developments.

In the “map of the future” there is a place for plans for the development of the city’s production potential, the protection and use of historical and cultural heritage, environmental protection, as well as civil defense engineering and technical measures, etc.

Social sphere

In the future, institutions of preschool education or medical care will be able to be located on the first floors of new buildings.

It is planned to create a network of information centers based on libraries, to develop new forms of additional education for children and youth, including on a paid basis.

There will also be changes in healthcare: along with improving the quality of medical care, polyclinics will be transformed into territorial diagnostic centers.


Wi-Fi access points are organized in the most visited public areas. They will appear in both existing and planned establishments.

Landscape and recreational areas

There will be more comfortable places for outdoor walks in the city. For example, a park on Zhodinskaya Street is to be improved. A theme park is also planned between the Plisa River and Brestskaya Street. They will put in order the squares along the streets of Nagornaya, Frunze, Zhodino, Mirnaya, Fruit, Magistralnaya.

Many will agree with me that the ideal city is a place where people can enjoy all the amenities, regardless of area and wealth, and where they feel they belong to the place where they live. It seems to me that the most important thing is to realize that what we are doing now is, in any case, a perspective. The city is for a long time and definitely not only for us. The master plan, like any strategy, will help to reveal opportunities for achieving goals.

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-The first general plan, which laid the foundation for the high pace of development of Zhodino, was developed in 1969. It provided for the reconstruction of the street network and the demolition of the existing manor housing stock. This made it possible to create residential areas that are more characteristic of large cities in terms of scale, as Zhodino saw in the future in the era of planned economic management.

  • The following development strategy was developed in 1980. The city was guided by an extensive path of development, a radical transformation of the existing planning structure was proposed.
  • In the general plan of 1990, a tangible increase in the territorial and quantitative parameters of Zhodino was predicted. These forecasts did not come true due to the sharply changed socio-economic conditions in the post-Soviet space.
  • The document, which was prepared in 1997, relied on more cautious forecasts, but they were not fully implemented. It was planned to further improve the planning structure of the city, the development of the main functional areas, primarily residential and public.

— The last master plan for Zhodino was developed in 2009.

Comment by Yulia Bondar, head of the department for architecture, construction and housing and communal services of the city executive committee:

  • How comfortable the city will become depends not only on the chosen course, but also on the documents that will legalize this course. The general plan of Zhodino, approved by the Council of Ministers, is a kind of town-planning constitution for our area. This is a strategic document, and it is designed for a long-term perspective. You should not expect any quick decisions, changes, instant improvements here. But we have already made a significant reserve for housing construction. Today we are working in great detail on all the sites necessary for the construction of social facilities – schools, kindergartens. And in the near future, residents of new microdistricts will feel it.

We are currently working on the project “Scheme of green areas for public use in the city of Zhodino”, which will help in the development of our parks, boulevards, beaches. The main task of the master plan is to make the urban environment as comfortable as possible. What is important, there will be more green areas.