10.08.2023 12:19 (обновлено: 30.08.2023 12:20)

The Ministry of Emergency Situations has launched a new information campaign “Be close to the child!”

Many parents believe that children can be left alone at home, especially with a phone, since it is possible to contact them at any moment. But they forget the most important thing – at the moment of a threat, the bell will not be able to protect and save the child from danger. A new campaign of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is dedicated to this misconception, designed to motivate parents not to leave children unattended and to responsibly approach the issue of teaching them safety rules.

The basis of the campaign is bright billboards with a catchy slogan “The phone will not look after your child!”, Placed against the backdrop of emergencies in which children most often find themselves. He shows that the only thing a parent can do, leaving the child unattended “on the phone”, is to call, but not to help.

In order to “keep” the attention of the target audience on the problem raised and encourage them to act, leaflets, booklets and brochures with safety rules that parents should be guided by have been developed to support outdoor advertising.

Do not be left behind: join the campaign and ensure a safe childhood for your children!

Read more: https://mchs.gov.by/glavnoe/427712/.