01.08.2023 12:11 (обновлено: 30.08.2023 12:12)

The State Traffic Inspectorate of the city of Zhodino conducts a preventive action “Less wheels – more danger!”

Every year in the summer, the number of traffic accidents involving motorized transport drivers increases. Accident checks have shown that one of the main factors influencing the severity of the consequences are driving without the right to drive, drunk driving, recklessness and speeding.

Since the beginning of the year, in the city of Zhodino, with the participation of drivers of motor vehicles, there have been 3 accidents, in which 3 people received injuries of varying severity.

In order to prevent accidents involving this category of road users and to suppress illegal actions by drivers of two-wheeled motor vehicles, from August 1 to August 3, the State Traffic Inspectorate of the city of Zhodino is conducting a preventive campaign “Less wheels – more danger!”.

During the events, road guards organized preventive raids to prevent and suppress traffic violations by motor vehicle drivers. In the field of view of law enforcement officers are motorcyclists who violate the speed limit, the rules of maneuvering and overtaking, driving under the influence of alcohol, who do not have the right to drive, as well as drivers of two-wheeled vehicles assembled in a handicraft way or with structural changes.

By the way, during the specified period, the employees of the traffic police of the city of Zhodino revealed 107 offenses by drivers of motor vehicles, of which 8 were driving vehicles without having the right to do so.

Dear citizens, if you have witnessed the commission of unlawful acts by motor vehicle drivers, please immediately report to the telephone line 102!

The safety of riding a motorcycle is ensured, of course, primarily by driving skills, the ability to avoid emergency situations, the ability to immediately find the right way out if such a situation does arise. The GAI of the city of Zhodino strongly recommends that drivers of motor vehicles observe the Rules of the Road and wish them a safe journey!